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About Us

We LOVE pretzels.

So we decided find a culinary chef who shared the same passion in order to re-invent pretzels as people know them for the last 1411 years. That’s right, pretzels are the oldest snack food known and were invented between the South of France and Northern Italy in 610 A.D. by an Italian monk and we’re named “pretiolas” — meaning “little rewards” —because they were handed out to young pupils who recited prayers correctly.

When did pretzels make their way to America you might be wondering? Well, rumor has it that the doughy knots came over on the Mayflower, and were used by  the Pilgrims for trade with the Native Americans that they met in the New World.

The first American pretzel was baked in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

Chef Kate — the world’s first pretzel chef grew up in the heartland of Pennsylvania  — the birthplace of pretzels. She is a 3rd generation culinary chef. Since Kate was a young child she declared that pretzels were her favorite food! Chef Kate went on to get her chef’s degree and has since been on her quest to make pretzels that were the “best of the best.”

With 46 flavors and counting, we bake our pretzels in very small “micro batches” in order to ensure the spices and coatings that we use are infused in all the “nooks and crannies” of every single pretzel made. is a second brand we’ve created — our “sister brand” was our first. As a core family and business principle, we strive to create the best delicacy’s and ship them in 3 days or less via FedEx to ensure maximum freshness and the ability to “gift” exactly when you need it delivered.

Thanks for being on our family journey and we hope you find our creations as good we hope you will.

Feel free to e-mail us at anytime for anything.

With Peace and Pretzels

Adam, Jonathan & Sarah


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